28 March 2016


Ilgar, what about the story of Inner City? And which was the mood revived?

Inner City is a drama. A love story. I would say the story of impossible love between two people can’t be together despite they love each other. Rough reality is always stronger that delicate feelings.

Arzu, the main character, meets the man, who is much older than her. He differs from people she knows. Rafael is veteran of war. He is the man, who feels people, music, the whole world. He is the man without skin. He shows Arzu the new world, new vision of reality.Arzu and Rafael are happy together for short period of time. Their feelings grow stronger but it goes on until her mother interferes. The things, happened later, are full of drama.

The script of the film has written by Tahmina Rafaella together with me. She also plays the leading role in the movie. The idea of the movie belongs to Tahmina. She showed the mixed feelings of Arzu in a very strong way.Arzu is a teen girl, who faced the true reality for the first time. The hero – Rafael – is played by talented azerbaijani actor Firdovsi Atakishiyev. I also would like to mention the actress, who played the role of Arzu’s mother; this part was played by Mehriban Zaki. In my opinion, the thing she did was just brilliant! So, we really had a wonderful team.

Why did you choose an Italian D.o.P.? How was the collaboration with Luca?

It was our first work in cooperation with Luca Coassin. My previous movie The Precinct was shown at the festival in Locarno, we met there and became friends. He is the representative of the great italian cinema school. His teachers were the masters who created the golden fund of the Italian and world cinema (for example Giuseppe Rottuno). I really like the lighting, Luca makes and the portraits he does. His photography is very sensual and poetic, the portraits he makes enrich the characters. it is just what I like in cinematography. It was very easy to work together. Our cinematic preferences and very similar. I can say, that I found the true like-minded person in Luca.

Talk about your last film before Inner City…

I made The Precinct before Inner City. It was the mystical drama.The first film in the Azerbaijani cinema, made in this genre. It was in the long list of Oscar Awards and was shown at many international festivals.

In The Precinct I was curious to explore the relationship between the nature of consciousness and the nature of time. How close are they -consciousness and time? Our hero gets had a car accident, and in a state of clinical death he recalled some traumatic incident from his past. He relives the traumatic event, which he tried to forget for years. The stricture of the movie lets us to see, how plot develops in two time planes: our days and the childhood of the hero. We can see the background of the past that led to the accident in the present. It was not only the physical injury, but mostly psychological.

The Precinct is more psychoanalytical movie. In this movie you can notice my passion to psychoanalysis and shamanism. After all, we make the journey into the subconscious of the hero, and in fact, it’s a shamanic journey.

Which is the relationship between the story and the color?

Returning to the Inner City, I want to say that I was lucky to meet such a professional as Sergio Cremasco. His subtle art flair really helped us with the color correction of the film. He knows the art history very well and it also helped us to find something common in our views. It was for us to understand each other despite the language difficulties.

The love of Giotto and Italian Renaissance helped us to understand each other. And, of course, we were discussing the overall visual concept of the film and each scene separately. All Sergio’s offers were interesting to me and his vision enriched our film very much. Sergio found the right color determination, because Inner City is a drama and the atmosphere of the film (both psychological and visual) should correspond to the movie genre.

What do you think will be the effect of Innar City in your country?

I think, that the movie will be interesting not only for azerbaijani target. The story is very emotional and, in my opinion, no one will stay indifferent.

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