In a remote Azerbaijani village, things take a turn for the worse on the wedding night when the firing of a gun, a local tradition, doesn't go according to plan.

03/12/2017 Natig Rasul - Film director

03/11/2017 Namig Agaev - Actor / Film director

28/12/2016 Midhat Aydin - Actor

23/12/2016 Javanshir Hadiyev - Actor

20/12/2016 Murad Muradov - The winner of "Yeni Nəfəs 2" contest

06/12/2016 Elman Rafiev - Artist

05/12/2016 İlqar Quliyev - Yeni Nefes-2

04/12/2016 Ulvi Hasanli - Actor

03/12/2016 Ayshad Safaraliev - Yeni Nefes-2

02/12/2016 Zarina Kurbanova - Actress

01/12/2016 Tural Ahmed - Actor

10/11/2016 Fərhad Manafovun xanımı Vahidə Sadıqova ilə video müsahibə

“Filmlərim həyatımın mənasıdı” Tofiq Tağızadə (televiziya filmi)

09/11/2016 “Filmlərim həyatımın mənasıdı” Tofiq Tağızadə (televiziya filmi)

“Filmlərim həyatımın mənasıdı” Tofiq Tağızadə (televiziya filmi)

07/11/2016 "Babək" filminin final səhnəsi. Babəkin qətli

"Babək" filminin final səhnəsi. Babəkin qətli

03/11/2016 Zaur Mirzəzadə: "Naxox" da "Xoxan" kimi kommersiya filmidir

Naxox Teaser #1

02/11/2016 Sara filmi anons

Elvin Əhmədov ilk filmini çəkdi

02/11/2016 Murad musahibe

“Dəniz suyu içən it”

29/10/2016 “Araf”

Xalq artisti Bəsti Cəfərovanın qızı gənc rejissor Fidan Cəfərova sentyabr ayının 27-də YARAT Müasir İncəsənət Mərkəzində “Araf” adlı qısametrajlı filmini təqdim edib

28/10/2016 "Mənim tanıdığım Vaqif"

25 oktyabr tarixində təqdimatı keçirilən

25/10/2016 Asger Husiyev

Heyatimin Rolu trailer

19/10/2016 KINOZAVR

Narimanfilm Production Company

05/10/2016 Backstage Seba xamasi

Backstage Seba xamasi

04/10/2016 Inner


03/10/2016 AMUXO Final


02/10/2016 Icheri Sheher sevgi labirinti

Icheri Sheher sevgi labirinti trailer

30/09/2016 Azerlotereya Animation HD

Narimanfilm Production Company

27/09/2016 Tünzalə klip treller


23/10/2015 Ukrainian Night Feasts

On the 7th of October the evening of the Ukrainian culture “Ukrainian night feasts” took place. The event was organized by the Embassy of Ukraine in Azerbaijan in co-operation with NarimanFilm Production. The party featured many attributes of the Ukrainian culture such as dances, songs, pieces of art, and, of course, national dishes. Watch this short video to see what it was like.

23/10/2015 Russian Movies Week in Baku

An important cultural event, the Russian Movies Week has started. It will be run from the 1st through the 7th of October, with the support by Ministry of Culture of Russia, Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan, with the participation of the “Kinofest” Production Center and Nizami cinema theater. A group of Russian filmmakers has arrived to take part in the event. The following films will be screened during the event at the Nizami Cinema Theater: “The dawns here are quiet”, “The green carriage”, “Vicious was the sheep called Dolly, and young she died”, “The Phantom”, “The Battalion”, “The Elusive Ones”, “Mother, my dear”

30/10/2013 The opening of PASHA Bank Business Center

PASHA Bank, one of Azerbaijan's leading banks, officially opened its new SME Business Banking Service Centre (Business Centre). Management, customers and employees of PASHA Bank's new division took part in the ceremony. The bank's new Business Centre is aimed at promoting business banking to small companies within Azerbaijan.

11/08/2013 9x9

“9x9” tells the journey of a shadow, our architect, from his home to his office: a sunny bike trip becomes a journey into his creative process. The mind of an architect never switches off, his particular way of seeing the world and his existential experiences, all of this, he attempts to synthesize and merge into a great idea: 9x9.

11/07/2013 Do we watch local serials? (Poll)

To know what serials Azerbaijani viewer is watching a poll held by representatives of AzcinemaTV took place in Baku. An opinion and analyses made film critic Gamida Omarova

11/07/2013 Azerbaijani exhibition hall at film festival in Cannes

As well as in the past Azerbaijan has presented its exhibition hall at the prestigious festival in Cannes. Film “9x9” – the result of coproduction of Azerbaijani film company “Narimanfilm” and Italian film company “Torre” was presented in the program of Cannes festival “Short meter”.

11/07/2013 140th anniversary of Azerbaijani Theatre

Presentation based on the project called “Azerbaijani Theatre: yesterday, today, tomorrow – multimedia genre in theatres” took place in Museum Centre on the eve of 140th anniversary of Azerbaijani Theatre.

03/06/2013 Heydar Aliyev and Azerbaijani movie

With the organizational support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan State Film Fund, the Union of Cinematographers of Azerbaijan Republic and the Film Center Nizami, was carried out a conference devoted to the 90th anniversary of Heydar Aliyev on

08/05/2013 Pride and Prejudice

In the Azerbaijani State Russian Drama Theatre took place the premiere of performance

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