On Green Pastures

For two hundred years, the mountains of Azerbaijan have been inhabited by Molokans, “Old Believers”, a Christian sect whose members were exiled from Russia during the reign of Catherine II. The Old Believers live apart in separate communities, and their patriarchal way of life has remained almost unchanged for two hundred years. Molokans are a devout and hardworking people who have retained the traditions of pre-Petrine Russia, and this film is about their amazing community.

Genre: Documentary

Director: Ilgar Safat

Scriptwriter: Ilgar Safat

DOP: Ilgar Safat

Production Company: Nariman Mammadov

Duration: 1 hours 1 minute

Year: 2006

The winner of the IF ""I live here” in the category ""Essay ""
December 13, 2006, Moscow


On Green Pastures

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