Arshin Mal Alan

The plot of this good-natured musical comedy is centred on a bachelor called Asker, who wants to see and choose his bride before marriage. His quest for a wife, however, is difficult because at the time, based on traditions, women were kept at home and when allowed out they were heavily covered in hijab. Asker's friend Suleyman suggests Asker disguise himself as a fabric peddler, a sure way to meet women. Asker agrees and starts to go round the houses selling fabrics.

Genre: Feature Film | Free Films

Director: Rza Təhmasib, Nikolay Leşşenko

Scriptwriter: Sabit Rəhman

DOP: Əlisəttar Atakişiyev, Muxtar Dadaşov

Production Company: Azerbaycanfilm

Duration: 1 hours 25 minutes

Year: 1945

Cast: Gasan Mamedov, Leyla Shikhlinskaya, Aghadadash Gurbanov.


Arshin Mal Alan

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