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The Boy On White Horse

At the of the Garabagh war, a young Azeri man, who has Been witness to the martyrdom of many people and the dispatch Of his friends and relatives to the war front, mounts a white horse and without informing his family sets out for the front, He joins the relief work group in spite of the objections of the commander of the forces, until...

Genre: Feature Film

Director: Anver Abluj

Scriptwriter: Isa Melikzadeh

DOP: Rafiq Aliyev

Production Company: Azerbaicanfilm

Duration: 1 hours 44 minutes

Year: 1995

Cast: A. Abluj
O. Nadirov
S. Mustafayeva
Y. Nuri
R. Nasirov
L. Mustafayeva


The Boy On White Horse

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