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The winds blow in Baku

The film's about the fascists who wanted to seize Baku's oil during the World War II. And, of course, Hitler had his eye on Baku, obsessed with the idea of capturing the vast oil supply to sustain his own war effort.In fact, he hald designated September 25, 1942, as the day German troops would attack Baku and seize the oil fields.Fortunatelly, the harsh, icy, indement weather of the Caucasus mountains which the German had to cross to get to Baku forced them to abandon their plan. In other words, this story is about the involvement of Soviet Azerbaijan in WW II.

Genre: Feature Film

Director: M. Dadashov

Scriptwriter: Y. Dobrokhotov, V. Sinitsyn, M. Dadashov

DOP: Vladimir Qusyev

Production Company: Azerbaicanfilm

Duration: 1 hours 24 minutes

Year: 1974

Cast: Sh. Alakbarov
H. Mammadov
N. Fedortsev
A. Falkovich
R. Tahmasib
P. Kadochnikov
A. Afanasyev
I. Andrinya
I. Osmanly
Kh. Gasymova
A. Susnin
M. Mikayilov


The winds blow in Baku

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