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Two from the same district

Akhmet and Nuri,two men living in the
same district, participate in the struggle for the national independence of their country.
Although their people support the struggle, the enemy chases the two men.
They get arresed.Nuri gives in and betrays the ideas be was fighting for.
He leaves his district. Akhmet is shocked by his friend's betrayat but bard ships
have made him a tougher man.
Finally,Akhmet is sentenced to death and executed. But his will not shop the people
from carrying on with the struggle.

Genre: Feature Film

Director: Ajdar Ibragimov, I. Gurin

Scriptwriter: Nazim Hikmat, A. Bekchiyeva

DOP: Margarita Pilixina

Production Company: Azerbaicanfilm

Duration: 1 hours 9 minutes

Year: 1957

Cast: Vadim Medvedyev
Semyon Sokolovski
Fateh Fatullayev
İsmayıl Osmanlı
Tamara Kokova


Two from the same district

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