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The Architect’s destiny is the most singular one. How often he applies all his talent and passion to create environments from which to exclude himself! “9x9” tells the journey of a shadow, our architect, from his home to his office: a sunny bike trip becomes a journey into his creative process. Walls, streets, the happy children’s cries, the religious silence of ancient ruins, the smell of freshly washed clothes or freshly baked bread, and a particular illumination accompany us along the way, becoming living materials for his work. From now on you have the feeling of not being with him on this bicycle trip, but in another place, in other countries, in other streets: those of his mind. It’s his curse, but he likes it. The mind of an architect never switches off, his particular way of seeing the world and his existential experiences, all of this, he attempts to synthesize and merge into a great idea: 9x9.

Genre: Short

Director: Radmila Gordic

Scriptwriter: Radmila Gordic

DOP: Konstantin(Mindia)Esadze

Production Company: Torre, Narimanfilm

Duration: 11 minutes

Year: 2013

Cast: Rustam Shafiyev




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