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Our teacher Jabish

This film shows the war from the perspective of the generations of people who were physically unable to go to battle. Jabish is a teacher. His eyesight is weak and prevents him from going to war. Nevertheless, he tries his best to assist the war effort. One day, he discovers how to make soap - a much needed commodity both at the front and at home. A charlatan named Abulfaz finds out and speaks to Jabish's wife, shaming ways to buy the soap and sell it on the black marker. Jabish's family desperately needs cash, so his wife agrees to the plan. As the film develops, the viewers are led to believe the story will turn out in favor of Abulfaz and Jabish's wife. At the very last moment, however, Jabish succeeds in sending the soap tithe soldiers at the front.

Genre: Feature Film

Director: Hasan Seyidbayli

Scriptwriter: Magsud Ibrahimbeyov

DOP: Arif Narimanbeyov

Production Company: Azerbaicanfilm

Duration: 1 hours 13 minutes

Year: 1969

Cast: S.Alasgarov


Our teacher Jabish

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