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Shared Bread

This film tells the story of children who weren't even able to find a morsel of bread to eat during the war. Vagif is 12 years old. His father is at war and his mother, on a business trip. The youth has lost his ration card, but doesn't want the other boys living in the same courtyard to feel any obligation to share their bread with him. He is too proud; begging for something to eat would contradict his nature. Besides, he realizes it would not be easy to gain the right to share the bread. Vagif finds a way to work for people and earn his own bread rather than beg.

Genre: Feature Film

Director: Shamil Mahmudbayov

Scriptwriter: A.Akhundova

DOP: T.Akhundov

Production Company: Azerbaijanfilm

Duration: 1 hours 7 minutes

Year: 1969

Cast: K.Rajabli, T.Namazova, F.Aliyev, Kh.Mamayev


Shared Bread

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