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Melek, a young girl from the very liberal Mediterranean city of Smyrna(Izmir), is sent to a rainy and religious town called Of, for her first mission as a judge. She goes there with her mother, both women full of prejudices for this ill-famed town, home to terrifying mafias and religious leaders. However, they find there warn-hearted, joyous people dancing at the slightest music on their beautiful mountains. The only difficulty is the weird mentality of the Black Sea people. A social satire on cultural and ethnic prejudices in Turkish society, with its contradictions between army and religion, modernism and tradition, the so-called "development" and its disastrous impacts on the environment, and of course... hard burdens women endure and a region which gave birth to Amazones.

Genre: Foreign films | Feature Film

Director: Nur DOLAY

Scriptwriter: Nur DOLAY

Production Company: Orkinosfilm

Duration: 1 hours 30 minutes

Year: 2010



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