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If not that one, that one

The story is based on the old-theme of a beautiful young woman (Gulnaz) who falls in love with a young man (Sarvar) but is obliged to marry someone else. Gulnaz's father, Rustam bay, is bankrupt. He decides that the only way to pay off his creditors is to get money by marrying of Gulnaz to the rich, old, widowed bazaar merchant, Mashadi Ibad. But Sarvar contrives a way to foil the plan by disguising himself as the bride hidden under the thick Muslim veil. When Mashadi Ibad lifts the veil to see his bride's, he discovers Sarvar who holds him at gun point and makes him write a statement that he really wants to marry the maid, not Gulnaz. This is where the work gets its title, “If Not This One, Then That One". The strategy works and Sarvar Succeeds in marrying Gulnaz. After the musical comedy of the same name of U.Hajibayov.

Genre: Feature Film

Director: Huseyn Seyidzadeh

Scriptwriter: S.Rahman

DOP: A.Atakishiyev

Production Company: Azerbaijanfilm


Year: 1956

Cast: A.Agayev


If not that one, that one

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