Sarylar – a journey to the Karabakh horse

Karabakh horses are one of the last purebred horse breeds in the world. The student Pauli, inspired by stories about the “golden horse” from Azerbaijan, sets off on a long and fascinating journey all the way across Europe to encounter the Karabakh horse. On her way, she gets to know adventurers, artists, scientists, and horse breeders. Finally she encounters the Azerbaijini boy Safar, who lives with Karabakh horses. In the foothills of the Caucasus Mountains, she realizes how human beings and animals depend on and can learn from each other…

Genre: Documentary | Free Films

Director: Wilhelm Friedrich Neumann He lives and works in Berlin. His audiovisual experience goes back to his studies at Paris Lodron University and began simultanious with documentaries about stage productions at the well known Munich „Kammerspiele“-Theatre. Later

Production Company: STUDIO TOR 1 Filmproduktion Berlin ; Azerbaijanfilm Studio


Year: 2015

Cast: Pauline Nachbauer, Horse-physiotherapist, Wales

Sir Michael Oswald, Retired Studfarm Manager Sandringham / England

Mina Davies-Morel, Univ.Prof. Aberystwyth University / Wales

Peter van der Gutgen - Longrider, Switzerland

Verena Scholian, Horse breeder Ginsheim-Gustavsburg / Germany

Khaladdin Khalili, retired Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Azerbaijan

Faig Hajiyev, Artist, Azerbaijan

Khandan Rajabli, Horse Expert/ Director of the Ministry of Agriculture’s Azerbreeding Association. Azerbaijan

Rasulova Zamina, Guide – Khan Palace Sheki, Azerbaijan

Maarif Huseynov, Studfarm Manager Agdam

Stud farm workers & refugees from Nagorno-Karabakh Agdam, Azerbaijan

HRH Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia


Sarylar – a journey to the Karabakh horse

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