The Second Bullet

In a remote Azerbaijani village the virginity of bride on the wedding night has more bearing to the whole village and relatives than it has to the Bride and Groom. So much so, a long-lasting tradition proposes the release of two bullets into the air if the bride loses her virginity on the night. One bullet would mean she had lost her virginity elsewhere before, putting the village and the Bride's family to shame.

Yenga, a woman in middle age, supervises the rule, inspecting the traces of blood on the newly married's bed. In order to telegraph the news to the whole village as efficiently as possible, Sagdish relies on a riffle to spread the news. The entire village stays awake wondering about the ultimate outcome of the wedding night.

The bride turns out to be the virgin, but the second bullet fails to get released and the misinterpretation leads to false allegations on bride's honor. The whole village start gossiping and the tension piles up on Sagdish. The Groom's father, having found out the true reason behind the absence of the second bullet, gives him half an hour to find a spare bullet to fire while threatening to chop Sadgish's head off with his axe.

Genre: Short

Director: Natig Rasul

DOP: Kirill Gerra

Production Company: Narimanfilm

Producer: Nariman Mammadov


Year: 2018

Cast: Elmin Badalov
Manaf Dadashov
Elgun Hamidov
Vidadi Hasanov
Nasiba Eldarova
Leyli Valiyeva
Husniyya Murvatova


The Second Bullet

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