Returning in the Future

This film follows the dream of ‘Samad’ whilst heis living in a refugee camp. In his dream, Samad goes back to the events and tragedies of the war. The director skillfully examines the background of Samad’s dream and investigates the reasons for losing the war.

Follow the action of the movie as Samad makes personal discoveries and realisations that help him understand the shattered world around him.

Genre: Feature Film

Director: Rufat Asadov

Scriptwriter: Yusif Sheikhov

DOP: Amin Novruzov

Production Company: Azerbaijanfilm

Duration: 1 hours 11 minutes

Year: 2004

Cast: Fuad Poladov, Agamehdi Abidov, Azerin

Military-patriotic film.


Returning in the Future

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